Our Strategy

Corporate Strategy

KBR Fund Management Limited is committed to provide a series of excellent investment management services to overseas and domestic institutional and individual investors.

Rigorous and extensive risk controls

Our independent investment risk management approach provides a consistent, unbiased framework for analyzing and balancing risk in portfolios. We put in place multiple layers of oversight, which range from specific portfolio guidelines to meet both performance and client needs as well as legal parameters; risk controls at the portfolio management level; and management-level oversight.

Solutions for clients

We provide clients with a broad array of investment options across all major asset classes, including actively managed equity, fixed-income, liquidity, stable value, and alternative investments. Investment strategies are accessible through a variety of product structures, including managed accounts and private investment vehicles.

Strategic Partnership

KBR Fund Management Limited builds strategic relationships with various parties, such as other independent investment advisors and institutions.

We have a long-term collaborative relationship with Infinity Group. Infinity Group is a leading cross-border, Chinese focused management group with over 1.5 billion USD under management through 17 funds in China.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our partnership culture and business model are designed to cultivate differentiated investment opportunities, foster the sharing of expertise and ingrain a cooperative, team-oriented approach. Our investment professionals are able to leverage the Firm’s broader intellectual capital and wide network of relationships to gain unique perspectives on instruments, markets, industries and companies. We believe that integrating the firm’s extensive intellectual capital and networks into our investment processes creates a significant competitive edge.