Our Team

Senior Management

Dr. Bob Chan

Managing Director
PhD in Finance from Purdue University, U.S.A
MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Chan has extensive experience in capital markets, corporate development and asset management in the U.S., China, and Hong Kong. Before joining KBR, he was Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited (CASH, 1049.hk), a Hong Kong listed company with various business interest in Hong Kong and China. Dr. Chan had served as a finance faculty member at City University of Hong Kong and a consultant for the Asian Development Bank, the Pacific Economic Corporation Council and a number of financial institutions in Hong Kong. He had been a Visiting Professor of the Graduate School of the People’s Bank of China and Adjunct Professor at Hong Kong University. Dr. Chan had served as a Member of the Hong Kong Estate Agent Authority. He is also an Independent Non-Executive Director of a Hong Kong listed company in the bio-pharmaceutical business in China and Hong Kong. Bob holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Purdue University, USA and an MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Ms. Monica Yeung

Managing Director
Master of Science in Investment Management,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
MBA, Duke University, U.S.A.
Bachelor of Science with Highest Honors,
University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.

Ms. Monica Yeung has extensive experience in wealth management and financial analysis. She began working as a financial analyst with Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley, U.S.A. and later at their Asia Pacific head office as the Lead Analyst and Information Manager. She was the Assistant Associate Director at Convoy Financial Group. Monica also worked at HSBC Premier Banking and Wealth Management at their Hong Kong head office. She has helped clients from all walks of life manage and grow their wealth. Due to her excellent performance, Monica has won numerous financial management industry awards, including the Gold Award in the Outstanding Financial Management Award from the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, The Benchmark Advisor of the Year Award, and financial planning awards from the Hong Kong Institute of Financial Planners. She is a Certified Financial Planner CM (Hong Kong and PRC), a Certified Private Banker TM and a Chartered Wealth Manager. Monica holds a Master of Science degree in Investment Management from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, an MBA from Duke University, and a Bachelor of Science degree with Highest Honors from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Humphrey Wang

Investment Director
Master of Economics (International Finance) from Graduate School of People’s Bank of China, Beijing, China
Bachelor of Science from
Nankai University, Tianjin, China

Mr. Wang has over seventeen years’ experience as a professional portfolio manager in Hong Kong and China. He has managed public and private funds, and has been responsible for senior management functions in such asset management companies. Mr. Wang had been Fund Manager of Jinsheng Fund under Guotai Asset Management Company Limited from 2004 through 2006. During his tenure Mr. Wang was a two-time winner of the Gold Bull Award, including as the Award Winner in 2004 when Gold Bull was awarded for the first time. According to Morningstar, Jinsheng Fund under Mr. Wang’s management had been “low-risk and high Sharpe ratio” with high rankings consistently. From 2007 through 2008 Mr. Wang had been Fund Manager of Zhonghai Fund Management Company Limited and also served as Vice General Manager and Chief Research Officer. For the period 2008 through 2010 Mr. Wang was Senior Portfolio Manager of Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited and was responsible for the Greater China securities markets. Prior to joining KBR, Mr. Wang had co-founded two Asset Management companies in Shanghai, China. Mr. Wang graduated with a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Graduate School of People’s Bank of China. He also received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Science from Nankai University.